SAPIAT acquires the business of EMA


SAPIAT, a developer of investment intelligence technology, is pleased to announce the acquisition of EM Applications (EMA). 

Integrating EMA multi-factor risk models to SAPIAT’s platform brings new volatility forecasting insights combining both market and alternative data.  Furthermore, the EMA factorization methodology extends SAPIAT's framework for risk-conditioning of investment scenarios across multiple regimes and asset classes.

With the application of machine intelligence to newer data sources, investors and risk managers will benefit from an enriched short-term view of market conditions, while being able to consistently explore possible longer-term scenarios. 

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SAPIAT delivers a next generation investment intelligence platform powered by regime-conditional assessments of macro/market scenarios combining quant models, machine intelligence, and new data sources. 


About EMA

EMA has delivered a state-of-the-art market risk system to asset managers globally for over 20 years.  With instrument-level multi-asset class coverage and GARCH-based fast updating, EMA volatility forecasts have a demonstrated track record of enhancing asset allocation, risk management, and portfolio construction decisions.


Shota Ishii