Investment Intelligence Management

Investing is a holistic activity that requires the aggregation and synthesis of heterogenous information.  However this is not trivial, as information sources vary widely in format, content, and delivery mechanisms.  For example, comparing human-consumed news articles to volatility implied from option markets is a difficult task.  Furthermore, to relate these information to how they may impact your portfolio is even harder.  Sapiat brings together financial theories, behavioral considerations, machine learning, and diverse data sources to arrive at views of the world that reflect the full breadth of information that you ingest, from independent research to market feeds.


Data Management

Sapiat’s data management platform helps reduce months of labor-intensive data extraction, ingestion, loading, and transformation into a series of well-defined steps that can be implemented quickly and efficiently.  Connectors are available to almost any data source (whether Excel, flat files, market data feeds, or databases).  The plaform allows users to easily design process and queries to recombine and transform the data into formats that can then be used for reporting or fed back into a data for persistence, or injected into various analytic engines. 

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Investment Intelligence Platform

Turning data into knowledge and acting on that knowledge is at the heart of investing.  Whether to assess the suitability of fund strategies or to decide the strategic asset allocation, investors need to process and project the future based on multiple and sometimes contradictory evidence, subject to human biases.  However, advances in inferential machine intelligence allow for ways to combine various pieces of intelligence  to depict a holistic picture of the portfolio under various regimes, investment and allocation decisions.  Going beyond simple data-gathering and organizing to providing automated insights, investment memoranda, and dashboards are key components of a next-generation investment and risk management process.


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