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Investment Intelligence

Investment is a complex activity requiring the synthesis of both quantitative information (from data and analytics) as well as qualitative information (from people, research, news, etc.).  Just the data / knowledge aggregation from these information sources is a major challenge for most investors.  In addition, cognitive biases plague investment decision-making at the portfolio manager and committee levels.  Sapiat aims to deliver an investment intelligence platform that enables a systematic process via a knowledge management framework that integrates quantitative data and qualitative information, analytics, and automated report generation.  It can be used by decision makers to understand the investment environment, explain external or internal manager performance (if any), systematize the use of analytics, and arrive at a consistent and holistic decision-making across the organization. 

In fact, the Investment Intelligence Platform becomes the overarching framework for plugging in Sapiat’s various products including factor models, simulation engines, data management tools, as well as third-party tools and analytics, news feeds, and unstructured data.

·      Structured data ingestion (e.g. financial time series)

·      Unstructured data ingestion (e.g. news and reports)

·      Integration with analytic engines (e.g. factor models)

·      Automated report generation (e.g. portfolio performance, manager assessment, market views and cycles, etc.)

·      Search and explore features for various views on portfolio and market scenarios.